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Ms Diana Huang is a lecturer of the Division of Business and Hospitality Management. When she was a PhD candidate, she taught a variety of subjects, including Business Finance and Financial Accounting for undergraduates and Accounting Analysis with Python for master’s students. She is also a CFA Level III candidate. Her diversified teaching portfolio and practical experience allow her to deliver accounting and finance classes from a broader perspective. Diana appreciates two linchpins as her teaching philosophy. First, the whole person view: educators bear the responsibility to help students grow as an individual and foster their self-confidence. Second, she tries to use real-life scenarios to explain abstract theories and concepts.

As a researcher, Diana’s research interests encompass auditing, initial public offering (IPO), disclosure, and regulation. Specifically, she is interested in exploring (1) the effect of national audit on audit quality in China; (2) the effect of social media on IPO approval in China; (3) the effect of China Securities Regulatory Commission’s (CSRC) big data supervision on financial reporting quality. Her research interests came from her extensive reading in cutting-edge studies and news. In addition, she is enthusiastic about doing interesting research that bridges the gap between theory and practice.