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Mr Raymond Ng has engaged himself in diverse education capacities for the past six years – he has taught courses such as HKCEE English Language, HKASL Use of English, TOEFL, Business Communication (HKAAT AT Examination Paper II), workplace English (ELSA), pronunciation, conversation, and English for Business Communication (Pitman) at various educational institutes.

After a brief stay in a senior high school, Mr Ng joined an internationally famous adult learning center as an ESL instructor. At the same time, he started teaching English Skills for Academic Studies at HKCC as a visiting lecturer, before eventually joining its roster of full-time teaching staff. He is also a part-time lecturer at the English Language Center of City University of Hong Kong, where he teaches Writing Effective Scientific Laboratory Reports to engineering undergraduates.

Mr Ng is a fan of linguistics, Hacken Lee, Michael Jordan, and Jesus Christ.