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Dr Chiu Hon-sun received his Bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering, MPhil degree in Computer Networks, and PhD degree in Wireless Networks, from The University of Hong Kong. His research interests include routing, resource allocation and management, MAC layer protocol design, and cross-layer optimization, in both wired and wireless networks. Dr Chiu has published a number of research papers in various international journals and conferences. He is also an active technical reviewer for many international journals and conferences.

While pursuing his MPhil and PhD degrees, Dr Chiu worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of The University of Hong Kong where he gained valuable teaching experience. He taught several bachelor and master courses, and received the “Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award” several times. With his outstanding performance, Dr Chiu was employed as the Head Demonstrator of the department.

After joining HKCC, Dr Chiu continues to demonstrate his excellent teaching. He believes that teaching is not just presenting subject contents, but it is a way to help students understand and develop their interests in subject areas. Dr Chiu used to teach subjects in a simple way by supplementing teaching materials with daily life examples. He usually brings high energy to his classes and promotes students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning. With the objective of gaining a better understanding of the education system and improving his teaching, Dr Chiu studied part-time after work and obtained the MEd degree from The University of Hong Kong.

Dr Chiu loves sharing his experience with students. He is happy to see his students’ personal and academic growth. Apart from teaching, Dr Chiu is currently a member of the Programme Counselling Team and is also a Student Organisation Officer in HKCC.