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Dr Brian Hung graduated from the School of Film and Television of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where he was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree with first-class honours. During his studies, he was selected by Kodak as a representative of Hong Kong to participate in Kodak Budapest Cinematography Masterclass organised by the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers (H.S.C) and taught by renowned Hollywood cinematographers: Mr László Kovács and Mr Vilmos Zsigmond.
Dr Hung completed his Master's Degree in Studio Art: Art in Media at New York University. He is the recipient of Jack Goodman Scholarship from New York University. He then further obtained the Doctor of Education Degree from The Education University of Hong Kong, specialising in life and values education. His research focuses on the integration of art, film, photography and life and values education. He also received an Advanced Professional Certificate in Advertising and a Diploma in Theology.
He worked in creative industries – film, advertising and music video production as a videographer, photographer and digital media designer. He participated in different projects such as Ang Lee's movie "Lust Caution", RTHK TV Programme Commissioning, Shu Ning Presentation Unit with the Hong Kong Arts Festival,, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Dr Hung's creative outputs are focused on documentaries, short films and stories. His works have been selected by various international film festivals and exhibitions around the world, including Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.