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Dr Angela Tam obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (double majors: Chinese & English) from The University of Hong Kong, Diploma of Education, Master’s degree, and Doctoral degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (specialised in Chinese language education and curriculum development).

Dr Tam has extensive teaching experience in tertiary education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her expertise in teaching includes Chinese language and literature, teaching methodology, learning Chinese as a second language, Putonghua, Chinese curriculum development and assessment. She is also experienced in supervising master’s and doctoral dissertations.  

Furthermore, Dr Tam has been actively engaged in research projects focused on Chinese language education, medium of instruction and policy, school-based curriculum and assessment, teachers’ beliefs in teaching and learning, curriculum leadership, feedback literacy, and professional learning community. She has substantial English articles published in international Q1 journals in sole authorship, such as Language and Education; Language, Culture and Curriculum; International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism; Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice; Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International and Education; Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education; School Leadership & Management; Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Dr Tam received the CPCE Active Scholar Awards in 2021 and 2022 in recognition of her contribution to empirical research.