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Dr Yeung Hong-ting graduated from The University of Hong Kong, where she was awarded Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. She was also awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Professional and Vocational Education) by The Education University of Hong Kong.

When she was studying in university, she repeatedly received different scholarships. After joining CPCE, she received "Lively Teaching Awards" and "Inspiring Teaching Award". In recognition of her excellent academic performance, she received Dean's Honour List and Distinction Awards during her PGDE (PVE) studies.

Dr Yeung's main research interests lie in modern Chinese grammar, Cantonese application and culture, and practical Chinese writings. She is especially interested in the development of Chinese language system, relevance in Chinese language, Chinese and Cantonese loanwords, language contact and cultural exchange in Hong Kong, and government and commercial practical writings in Chinese, etc. After completing the PGDE (PVE) at EdUHK, Dr Yeung has enhanced her professionalism in education and consolidated her teaching and learning experience. Her research interests have further extended to education policy and leadership, professional and vocational education, curriculum organisation and development, assessment, and teaching and learning strategies, etc. Some of her papers were published in books, international academic and educational journals.

Before joining this institution, Dr Yeung worked as a tutor in university, lecturer in different community colleges, and teacher in several secondary schools. She understands the needs of students. In her spare time, she is also keen on serving the community so as to uphold the Bible's principle: "not to be served, but to serve".