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Dr Liang obtained his Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from Harbin Engineering University in 2014 and 2016 respectively. He started his PhD studies in the field of Acoustic Metamaterials at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2016 and obtained PhD degree in 2020. Dr Liang was a visiting scholar at North Carolina State University from March to June 2019 in the field of high-order acoustic waves.

Dr Liang actively investigated wave propagation in periodic elastic solids such as phononic crystals and quasi phononic crystals for his master’s degree studies, participating in research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and some crossing design projects in mechanical engineering. His research interests have changed to physical acoustics, taking acoustic metamaterials as the research topic for his PhD studies. 

In recent years, Dr Liang has developed new strategies and devices to control acoustic wave propagation in broad bandwidth. These sound devices present huge potential in acoustic material science with their space-saving and flexible characteristics. His related research work was published in physics and acoustics journals, such as Physical Review Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, and Journal of Sound and Vibration

Dr Liang also attended several international conferences as a presenter, including Inter-noise Congress in 2017, the 176th Meeting of Acoustic Society of America in 2018, and Phononics in 2019.